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Management/Confidential Performance Evaluation

Annual Performance Evaluation for M/C Employees

  • 1Part A: Information, Part B: Self-Evaluation> 2Part C: Competencies/Goals/Secondary Sources> 3Part D: Signatures
  • M/C Performance Evaluation Workflow Overview

    1) The employee opens the link and fills out Part A (information) and Part B, (self-evaluation). The employee emails a form resume link to their supervisor to complete Part C.

    2) The supervisor completes Part C, saves the form to themselves (to their own email) and schedules a 1-on-1 meeting with the employee to review the evaluation.

    3) In-person meeting?

    The supervisor opens the form resume link and discusses the evaluation with the employee. They sign and submit the form together.

    Virtual meeting?

    The supervisor opens the form resume link and discusses the evaluation with the employee. The supervisor advances to Part D, signs, and emails a form resume link to the employee for their signature. The employee opens the form resume link and signs and submits the form.

    *Clearing your cache will solve most Machform reload issues*

  • Part A: Information

  • Employee Name Employee Name *
  • Supervisor Name Supervisor Name *
  • Part B: Self Evaluation

    For the employee: Discuss your thoughts on the questions below. For the supervisor: Use these responses to guide a conversation with the employee about their performance.


    After completing Part A and B, the employee should send a draft to their supervisor by clicking "Save my progress and resume later," entering the email address of THEIR SUPERVISOR, and clicking "Save form and resume later."

    The supervisor will complete Part C and discuss the full evaluation with the employee during the 1-on-1 meeting.

    Employee- do you need to save the document to finish it at a later time before sending it to your supervisor? Click "Save my progress and resume later" at the bottom of the page and enter your own email address.


    Click "Continue to Part C" to advance to the next section.

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