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2022 Academic Advisement Award Nomination

An award for worthy faculty or staff members who have provided outstanding academic advisement to their students.

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  • Who has helped you reach for the stars?

    You are invited to nominate a faculty or staff member who provides outstanding academic advice. The advisor you nominate should have made a difference in the academic success, outlook on future employment, and enjoyment of a student's overall college experience. By submitting a nomination, you will publicly acknowledge your appreciation of the advisor who has helped our students reach their goals.

    NOMINATION PROCESS: Complete this on-line form and submit it by 5 PM on Monday, March 1.

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  • Information about the Faculty/Staff Member you are Nominating

  • Name of the Faculty/Staff Nominee Name of the Faculty/Staff Nominee *
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  • LETTER OF NOMINATION: describe in detail why you are nominating this advisor, site examples that you think show that he/she is outstanding at his/her job.

  • Any member of Brockport's faculty or staff can be nominated for the award. Nominees are eligible to win the award only if they have not received the award in the last five years. All nominees will be notified by the Academic Advising Award Committee.

    Prepared under the direction of the Division of Academic Affairs and CELT.

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