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Vice Presidents' Briefing Sheet

To be completed by the event coordinator and submitted to the appropriate vice president’s office for approval.

Briefing Sheets MUST be received by the vice president’s office three weeks or earlier prior to event.

  • VP will accept or regret, and request addtional information, as applicable.

  • Contact Information

  • Name Name *
  • Phone Phone - -
  • Date of Submission Date of Submission * / /
    Pick a date.
  • Event Information

  • (reception, dinner, lecture, meeting)

  • Date of Event Date of Event * / /
    Pick a date.
  • Event Start Time Event Start Time * :
  • Event End Time Event End Time * :
  • The EMS Reservation Confirmation Number is obtained as a result of reserving space for your event. Go to

  • VP Requested *
    VP Requested
  • Vice President's Role

  • Type of Attendance *
    Type of Attendance
  • Length of Remarks
    Length of Remarks
  • Audience *
  • Dress Code *
    Dress Code
  • VP's Start Time VP's Start Time * :
  • VP's End Time VP's End Time * :
  • Please provide brief description of event.

  • Only complete if VP is providing remarks.

    Please list in detail.


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