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2021 Award for Faculty-Student Engagement Nomination

Dear Students and Faculty:
CELT invites you to submit a nomination for the Faculty-Student Engagement Award. The selection process for this award calls for a committee to review the nomination letters as well as information collected from the nominees and recognize up to two faculty members who demonstrate ongoing exemplary engagement with students in high-impact academic activities outside of the classroom. To nominate someone, please use the form below to submit a brief letter explaining how the nominee meets the criteria below. Please submit your nominations by 5 PM on March 1.

  • Who has demonstrated commitment to faculty-student engagement?

    An evaluation committee ranks nominees according to the strength of their record of working with students on:

    A. Independent research and writing or original creative activities. Applicants in this area should show a strong record of working closely with students on (1) independent research and writing in their academic discipline (e.g., senior theses, MA theses, capstone projects, student research grant applications, or faculty-student collaborative research and writing), (2) original creative/artistic work in their academic discipline (e.g., a senior fine arts exhibit, MFA capstone dance show, or faculty-student collaborative choreography), or (3) helping students apply for College or external research grants or supporting student research with faculty grants.

    B. Submission and/or publication of scholarly work in professional venues, or production of creative work. Applicants in this area should show a strong record of facilitating student submission, publication, or presentation of scholarly or creative work (as sole authors or joint authors with faculty) in professional peer-reviewed journals, publications, or venues.

    C. Preparation for and presentation of scholarly or creative work in professional conferences or venues. Applicants in this area should show a strong record of (1) preparing students to present at professional conferences themselves or in collaboration with faculty (may include Scholars Day), (2) accompanying students to conferences, or (3) helping students to secure funding for conference travel.

    Favorable consideration is given to nominees who demonstrate strength in more than one category.

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  • Information about the Nominee

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  • You may nominate any full-time member of the Brockport faculty. However, winners of the award will be faculty who have taught at Brockport for at least three years (including the nomination year) and who have not won the award in the past five years.

    All nominees will be notified by the Award Committee or a member of the CELT staff, at which time additional information will be requested from the nominee in order to complete the application.

    Prepared under the direction of the Division of Academic Affairs and the Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching.

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