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Verification Request Form

The Office of Registration and Records
Phone: 585-395-2531
Fax: 585-395-5392

  • Type of request
    Type of request
  • The Student Information Section section is to be used ONLY by students to request their enrollment verification. ALL OTHER VERIFICATION REQUESTS must utilize the link below:

    Next step - select the "verify now" green button

  • Student Information Section

    This form can be used by both Undergraduate and Graduate students to verify current and past enrollment.

  • Name Name *
  • Must be 9 digits.   Currently Entered: 3 digits.
  • Date of Birth: Date of Birth: / /
    Pick a date.
  • Address Address *

    You can use either your off campus or campus address, whichever will be most helpful to the recipient.

  • We cannot verify enrollment for a future semester that you have NOT YET registered for. In order for us to verify current/upcoming enrollment you will need to affirm your enrollment first in Web Banner.

  • Type in the year(s) you need verified.

  • For Current Enrollment, please include my anticipated date of graduation. *
    For Current Enrollment, please include my anticipated date of graduation.
  • Draw or Type
    I understand this is a legal representation of my signature. Clear
  • Student Instructions for Registration Office

  • Please provide email, fax number, or address that you need this sent to. You may also use this space for special instructions.

  • The next section will be completed by the Office of Registration and Records.

  • College seal and Registrar signature:
    School OPEID: 002841

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