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Inter-Institutional Course Application

This form is to apply to register at a local RAC participating school; using the Inter-Institutional agreement between the Rochester Area Colleges.

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  • Birthdate Birthdate / /
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  • Student Name Student Name

    please include middle name with first name

  • Please be certain to offer 1) your home and 2) on-campus/school address information.

  • 1) Permanent Address - out of term 1) Permanent Address - out of term *
  • Phone 1 Phone 1 - -
  • 2) School - Student's In Term Address 2) School - Student's In Term Address
  • Phone 2 Phone 2 - -
  • Expected Graduation Date Expected Graduation Date / /
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  • Note: Students may take only a maximum of two courses. When courses are finished the student must use the online transcript ordering system to send transcripts to their home school/institution.

  • Course #1 at host school

  • Course #2 at host school

    This is the description of your section break.

  • Student Signature / Transcript Release

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    Check each box to accept and acknowledge the following:
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  • Next Section --- For School Use Only

  • Checkboxes

    Emails must be received directly to host providing student name, ID#, course subject & number; with approval from Chair/Advisor, Home Registrar, and Visiting Registrar

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    process tracking
  • Rochester Area Colleges (RAC)
    Inter-Institutional Undergraduate Student Enrollment Form

    This form must be submitted to the Visiting School Registrar during their Drop/Add period
    Revised 6/18/2013
    Inter-Institutional Registration Procedures
    1 - The requested course is NOT available at the home school.

    2 – The student is a full-time undergraduate student at his or her home school throughout the duration of the requested course. A full-time student is defined as a matriculated student carrying not less than 12 credit hours. You must be non-matriculated student at the visiting school.

    3 – The course shall be applicable toward the student’s undergraduate degree program.

    4 – Registration is on a space available basis.

    5 – Inter-institutional enrollment is not applicable to summer programs, graduate students or graduate-level courses.

    6 – Students are governed by the academic policies of the institution visited with regard to course requirements.

    7- Consult with your Registrar regarding the policies of transfer credit and inclusion of quality points.
    Registration Instructions

    1 – Obtain approvals asking your Chair and Registrar to directly email you approvals. Attach a pdf of the approval emails allowing the host school to confirm all courses are approved. Approvals are required for each course selected. Submit this form to the visiting school and follow the registration procedures of that institution.

    2 – Submit this completed form to the Registrar’s Office of the visiting school by the end of the drop/add period. Your official transcript from your home school might be required by the visiting school to validate prerequisite(s) have been completed before registration at the visiting school is finalized.

    3 – A copy will be forwarded to the home school to complete the registration.

    4 – To drop any inter-institutional course for which you are registered, you must notify the Registrar of your home and the visiting school and follow the procedures outlined by the visiting school for dropping or withdrawing from a course.

    5 – Please note that participating colleges have different ending dates for their semester or quarter. Grades, therefore, may not be available prior to a student’s commencement date and may delay graduation. Prior to enrolling, graduating students are advised to review this issue with appropriate officials at their home institution.

    6 – Upon completion, students must order their official transcript using the host school's online ordering system so it's sent securely to the home school.

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