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Course Withdrawal - Undergraduate and Graduate Courses (please note a $20 fee will be assessed)

Office of Registration and Records
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    If you are a first semester freshman, do not use this form. Instead, use the Freshman Course Withdrawal Form to complete a course withdrawal.

    UNDERGRADUATE STUDENTS: Do NOT use this form to withdraw from ALL of your classes. Instead, please fill out the Temporary Academic Leave Request Form.

    GRADUATE STUDENTS: May use this form to withdraw from all classes but should contact their advisor before doing so.

  • This form can be used for regular withdrawals and late withdrawals.

  • About Course Withdrawals

    (note - Check double check dates. Deadlines are different for Fall Winter Spring & Summer courses)

    All course withdrawal forms must be submitted to the Office of Registration and Records by the appropriate deadlines. Please read below for more information about the withdrawal process.

    - The Withdrawal Period runs from week five to week ten of a regular (spring and/or fall) semester. Departmental permission is not required during this period. When a withdrawal form is submitted, a notation of “W” will appear on the permanent record.

    - The Late Withdrawal Period runs from week eleven to the Friday before the last week of classes. The student may need to provide the department chairperson with appropriate documentation to support the request for withdrawal. The signature of the department chairperson is required to be approved for the late withdrawal. When officially withdrawn, the student will receive a “W” on the permanent record.

    - Failure to submit a withdrawal form by the appropriate deadline will result in a final grade as determined by the grading policy of the course. No withdrawals will be permitted after the late withdrawal period.

    - Students must complete at least 2/3 of all courses attempted to remain eligible for federal financial aid. For questions, please contact the Compliance Office in Academic Advisement.

  • For more information on withdrawal and late withdrawal deadllines, visit the Office of Registration and Records ”Dates and Deadlines” web page. You can also find more information in the Student Right to Know Policy.

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