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This request form is for the Technology Grant awardees with currently active awards, who are seeking approval for a revision to the original, committee-reviewed application.


  • PI Name PI Name *
  • Name (Additional, if any) Name (Additional, if any)
  • Reason *
  • Must be between 10 and 700 words.   Currently Entered: 0 words.

    Please explain the reasoning for the request. Include any appropriate dates, references, or pertinent information to support the request. List previously requested budget items vs. the new requested items. Include this in a spreadsheet if it is easier. Also, please include written reasoning why you have selected new item(s) to be purchased.

  • Upload documentation to support revision request.

    May include any of the following items to support request: spreadsheet indicating originally approved items vs. newly requested items, letters from collaborator, publisher information, significant change in material costs, significant reason for need to purchase a different item to support the project/research.

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