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Major Declaration Form

This form is only to be used for adding, dropping, or changing majors and/or concentrations as applicable for undergraduate students only.


  • Student Name Student Name *
  • Must be 9 digits.   Currently Entered: 0 digits.
  • Student phone Number Student phone Number * - -
  • Indicate changes you want to make to your curriculum: *
    Indicate changes you want to make to your curriculum:
  • Change degree type as follows: *
    Change degree type as follows:
  • *The distinction between a BA (Bachelor of Arts) and a BS (Bachelor of Science) is the number of liberal arts credits required; (90 for the BA, 60 for the BS), and in the requirement for competency in a foreign language (up to the 212 level) for those pursuing the Bachelor of Arts.”


  • Changing or adding a major adds new requirements and potential prerequisites that will likely alter the expected graduation date. Please seek assistance from your new advisor.

    • A change of major may affect financial aid, financial aid academic plans, and/or veterans benefits.
    • Majors that first require "Intent" status and acceptance by the department upon completion of prerequisities and/or application include: Accounting, Business Administration, Dance, Finance, International Business & economics, Marketing, Nursing, Social Work, Teacher Certification Programs.
    • This form must be approved by the department of which the major is housed in order to officially be declared into the major.
    • Allow 7-14 days for this form to be processed.
    • Students may pursue a maximum of 2 majors only, with an exception of dual degrees in rare cases. If you already have two majors under one degree type and you are attempting to add a 3rd major, we will replace one of your preexisting majors with the new major you have requested on this form, in the place of your request above (Add Major 1 OR Add Major 2).
    • If you are attempting to add a second curriculum or dual degree (not suggested unless necessary), please contact Academic Advisement at Pursuing dual degree types requires completion of 30 additional credits (for example, BA + BS).
    • This form is for major changes only. To add, drop, or change your minor, please use the Minor Declaration Form.

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