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The Sixth Annual Pettis Family Entrepreneurship Award

The school of Business & Management is hosting the Sixth Annual Pettis Family Business Plan Competition. All teams passing the screening round will be invited to present your business proposals on the 2019 Scholar's Day scheduled on 4/10/19. Your presentation will be evaluated by a team of internal and external business experts. The winning student team(s) will be awarded a cash prize of $1,500.
All presenting teams will also be invited to participate in the Finger Lake Region-New York State Business Plan Contest in the evening of 4/10/19 (Note: Need separate registration). Teams winning the regional competition will be sent to the statewide contest in Albany for the chance to win more than $100,000 in cash and prizes.

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  • Team Members

    All fulltime and part-time undergraduate and graduate students are eligible to compete. A student team must have 2 to 5 members and include at least one business student (either intent, major, or minor).
    Please fill in your team information.

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  • Venture Track

    Please identify the type of your venture using the following category.

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  • Executive Summary

    All teams need to submit a 2-page executive summary of your business plan before 2/28/2019. Please include the following information in your executive summary.
    Please explain: 1) Your business model and strategy. Describe the structure of your company. Describe your business model, i.e., how your business will make money and how it will assure long term profits for the future. 2) Product & Service. Describe your product/service offering and define key benefits and values provided to your customers. What is your products’ developmental stage? 3) Competitive position. Discuss your competitive position, including your major competitors and your core competence versus your competitors. Describe any intellectual property or other methods to protect your business ideas. 4) Markets and Customers. Discuss who are the specific customers you are pursuing or will purse? Discuss the size of your target market and your growth potential as well as addressing ways to appeal to your target customers. Discuss key market barriers and potential ways to reduce these barriers.

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